About SmartSend

Text & Email Message Marketing Made Easy

Traditional forms of digital and print advertising require your customers to find your marketing messages in a sea of others fighting for attention. Text and email message marketing cuts straight through and delivers the message directly to your customers on their phones.

It’s no surprise that text message marketing has produced open rates exceeding 97%. This means your customers are seeing your messages, and have a much higher chance of engaging.

SmartSend was built to boost engagement

Our powerful platform was built for the mobile business owner.  Sending a message is as easy as posting to a social media account, and far more engaging to your customers. In a matter of minutes, you can create your message and send it out, or schedule it for later. And with SmartSend’s real-time analytics, you can measure the success of your messages any time you want.

How can SmartSend help you?

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Mwssage preview in SmartSend app on an Iphone