Advertising Laws & Requirements

Sample Advertising or Marketing for Text & Email Messaging.

Due to the laws of text and email marketing, all of the following guidelines MUST BE ADDED to each and every piece of advertising for SmartSend. Failure to include even one of these items could have legal ramifications.

Legal guidelines apart from the offer may be fine print, but they must be visible and readable by customers.

Example of a law abiding coupon

Offer Headline

Offer details and opt-in phone number. Offer should be exciting, actionable, and worth subscribing to for your advertiser’s customers.


Opt-in Details

Notify customers they will be opting into a recurring program and outline the methods of delivery (SMS, MMS, and/or email).


Consent for Communication

Tell customers by opting in they consent to be sent messages by all possible methods.


Message & Data Rates

Tell customers the business is not responsible for message and data rates.


Link to Privacy Policy & Terms

Link to all terms, conditions, and privacy policies on the SmartSend website.