Best Practices for List Building

Building a user list is key to the success of text and email marketing.
Here are a few examples of marketing that you can do to build your user list. Need help? We offer many of these solutions.

Give Customers a Reason to Sign Up & Stay Signed Up

customers to subscribe with a special offer, coupon, or savings, if possible.

Be specific
with your offer or message to increase sign ups. Studies have shown that specific offers engage better than general ones. For example, “10% off a large pizza” rather than “Sign up to receive a special offer.”

Keep customers interested.
Customers may unsubscribe to mobile messages because the deals and promotions aren’t good enough, or the information wasn’t relevant to them.

Put yourself in your recipient’s shoes.
If you were the customer, would you want to receive or use this message?

Signage at Location & In-Store

Business Cards / Postcards


Table Tents

Window Clings

Printed Banners


Online Advertising

Advertiser’s Website

Banner Ads

Site Retargeting

Geo Fencing

Email Blasts

Social Media Posts

Social Media Ads


Print & Other Advertising

Print Ads

Print Promotions




Word of Mouth – Tell everyone about it, and encourage your staff to do the same.