How Customers Use SmartSend

SmartSend texts and emails are easy for businesses and customers.
Customer Visits Business In-store or Online

This could be a brick and mortar, online web browsing, print advertising or online advertising – however a business can get most opt-ins to their messaging list. For tips on List Building, click here.

Customer Opts in to Receive Texts and / or Emails

Customers will text the 10-digit number with a shortcode to join the list. They will then receive a text asking for a second verification to be officially added.

Business Sends a Message to their User List

For offers and promotions, this message is aimed to bring the customer back into the store. For updates or events, this message is aimed at creating awareness, brand loyalty, and / or engagement. For more tips on messaging, click here.

Customer Redeems Offer

For specific offers, promotions, or events, the customer can redeem from their phone. This can be scanned from a QR or bar code, or manually clicked as a redemption.

Customers Become Repeat Visitors and Users

As the business sends out offers, customers will become repeat visitors and engage more often. SmartSend is great for creating and fostering customer loyalty!