How To Use SmartSend

Creating promotional texts and emails is as easy as 1-2-3.

Log in to SmartSend App

We supply your user name, password, and dedicated phone number for messaging when you sign up. You can choose the shortcode to send out in your message.

Login screen in SmartSend app on an Iphone
Coupon creation in SmartSend app on an Iphone

Create your offer with personalized text & image

Choose between sending a text or email, and customize your photo and marketing message. Be sure your message is something valuable to your customers. For helpful tips, visit Best Practices for Messaging.


Send text and / or email directly to your list of customers

Send now or schedule for later. Then watch the engagement your message generates. We include all the legal guidelines at the end of the message, so no need to worry if you’re covered.

SMS sign up message from SmartSend